Thursday, April 17, 2008

Review: The All-in-one Nikkor - Part 3

My Conclusion

In reality an "all-in-one" lens is not possible. Each type of lens has its strenghts and weaknesses. There's not one perfect lens that has it all. Not that I know off. One is strong on one aspect, sacrificing another. As with the 18-200 vr, it's a "wide" and a "tele" in one lens package, but sacrificing speed with a 3.5-5.6 aperture, but compensated it with a vibration reduction. It produces sharp and contrasty images which I really like. It can make the subject stand-out easily with the proper execution of bokeh.

I like its solid built and light weight. The petal hood makes it look good - aesthetically and also serves its purposes against flare and can protect the lens from accidental bumps. The lens creep I can live with (as I have stated in the previous entries).

The distortion is tolerable at 18mm wide open, as I can correct it in post processing. The vignetting at 200mm can also be managed by stepping down 1 to 2 stops (or use photoshop's lens correction feature). The lens creep doesn't bother me, oh, I've said that already.

The Nikon 18-200 VR is one versatile lens that allows any traveller or backpacker to shoot wide and tele without the need to change lens. The Vibration Reduction helps to add 1-2 more f-stops for those low-lit situations. The VR works best for those 200mm paparazzi shots. With VR, the tripod stays at home.

It may not be the best Nikkor lens in the market. But for me, is the best lens for travel photographers who has to "pack light, carry light, travel light".