Thursday, April 10, 2008

Paradise Island

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort
Samal Island, Davao, Philippines
Jan. 26-27, 2008

A 5 minute bangka ride from mainland Davao, Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort lies west side of Samal Island. The family owned resort caters to day trippers, overnight and even back-packers who spend the night camped-out on the beach. It's the cleanest resort I've been too. The staff were very kind and courteous. I was treated like a VIP. Panalo!

"Paradise", as most would call the resort, targets Class A, B and C. Most of the regular guests comes from the mainland. Seldom do they have visitors from abroad and outside Davao city. Early risers comes in the morning, and then have breakfast in the restaurant, then leaves Paradise to go about their regular day at work or at school. Due to the proximity of the isalnd, it is possible to have your lunch break in the resort, and have enough time to go back to work. The menu has a wide variety of choices, from seafood, bbq's, vegetables to Paella - the house specialty. There is no videoke in the resort, which I really like. There's really no nightlife n the resort, but you can order beer and watch the sunset with Mt. Apo in the background.

It was such a treat for me. I needed the break. A vacation, then you get to shoot, all for free.

I want to do this full time! Waaaahh!!!