Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ang pag tawid sa Laguna de Bay

September 20-21, 2008
Mt. Tagapo ala "Susong Dalaga"
Brgy. Janosa, Talim Island, Binangonan, Rizal

Laguna de Bay is the larges lake in the country. It is a freshwater lake thus the fish pens scattered all over. Water lilies are everywhere and are considered pests. They destroy fish pens and can damage the bangka's propeller. The ride was about an hour (costs PhP 40 if public bangka). On the left, one can see the other baranggays of Binangonan, and on the right, it is possible to see the buildings of Makati and Ortigas. Sadly, the weather wasn't cooperating that day. Far ahead, we can see Talim Island, and a peak called Mt. Tagapo (aka Susong Dalaga), our destination that weekend.

More photos here

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Black Pencil Project on ABS-CBN NEWS.COM!

Changing the world one pencil at a time
By TRINA LAGURA, | 09/24/2008 9:53 AM

Early June of this year, friends Edmond Corpuz, Edwin Karganilla and Zer Cabatuan took a time off their respective busy lives in the city to do the other thing that they love, photography, which they fondly refer to as their "stress-reliever."
They were gunning for the scenic spot of the famous Banaue rice terraces in Ifugao province. Armed with their lens and P500 worth of black pencils, they set out on their trek. Their cameras were for the landscape and the black pencils were for the local children who would usually mob new faces.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why was I happy this past week...

Mali - Sir John Chua's pet

Have you ever experienced waking up smiling? These past few days I was. And it felt so good.

I'm at my crossroads, actually 2 sets of crossroads. The first one is leading me towards a direction of improvement and gain, the other points to what seems to be a dead end. The change will definitely improve everything. And I have been waiting for this for so long. Finally, a clearer and better future ahead of me. I think I deserve this.

But what's this? The dead end seems opening up. Is it for me, or for them? Is this true or will this just be another promise and another lie? I can't continue if there's no clear direction. I can't wait. Not for nothing. Le me know soon, or else...

The other crossroad... well not really. I know what I want. There's no need to choose, for I already made a decision. I will be with you soon. Can't wait.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Black Pencil Project to be featured in ABS-CBN

Inspired with the kids who serenaded us at Cambulo Village, Banaue, Ifugao Province, we formed the Black Pencil Project - a personal initiative to help provide pencils through resources mobilizations to public elementary schools in the remote barangays accross the country. It aims to encourage localized participation and individual commitment of goodwill in support to government education programs in the countryside.

Initial beneficiaries of the project are kids in Cambulo, Banaue, Ifugao.

We raised 700 pesos and a bunch of pencils from the recent Basic Photography Workshop, myself and Mon conducted (for free) with my montaineering group Boondockers. This coming Tuesday, we will be meeting with ABS-CBN. They will feature our initiative in their website. Hopefully this will create awareness and promote the
Black Pencil Project

Click here to view video on YouTube.

Self Portrait, with Zer and Mon. Im the one in the middle. =)

We are also known as AkosiSuperEdwink.

akosizer - Zer
Super_ed - Mon
Edwink - Edwin (me!)

all members of Pinoyphotography.Org (the forum and the photography club)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2 years

I've been waiting for this for the longest time. There's nothing I could want more.
Please let me go. I wish to go...

Monday, September 8, 2008


I've never felt that stupid until that Sunday morning.
There's nothing I can do to correct what I have done.
But please, give me a chance to redeem myself.
I will make it up to you I swear.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yes to you...

I thought honesty would free me. I believe showing my true self is my way of showing sincerity. Now, it seems that I have made a mistake. Or maybe, I did not. I don't know. But one thing I do know, is I am rebuilding my life. I'm putting things in order. I may have started on the wrong side of the boat, but I am correcting my mistakes. My wish is to be given a chance. A chance to prove myself.

I would want to workout things first, before going into this new journey. I will make sure that every step I take, will be for the right direction. I can't afford to be lost. I need to find the correct path that would hopefully lead me to you.

Yes to you.


Is it you? But why do these to me... don't you see? tsk tsk tsk...

Monday, September 1, 2008

What's going on lately...

I miss Cordillera, specifically Sagada and Banaue. The June Cambulo-Batad-Bangaan adventure is still fresh in my mind. The trip brought a sense of relief and a much needed break from work and life. Photography and traveling has been my refuge. I thank the Lord for giving me the resources and time. All of my photos are for you Lord. Thank you!

More on photography, the 12-24 came really as a surprise. Though I lost my SB800 and 50 1.4 (to fund for this UWA), I feel it was worth the loss. I have so much to learn with this wide angle, and I hope I could be as good as my bud Zer.

Inspired with the recent PiPho photo-op with master Edwin Martinez I am seriously considering to get an IR filter, ND8 and a ND Grad Cokin. But my main worry is that on my monthly (okay, almost weekly) climbs, I don't have time to setup a tripod and shoot slow shutter. Backpacking is fast paced and I can't be the cause of the delay for the group. We have an Itineray to follow, chores and roles to do. Photography is second to my backpacking when we are up there.

Sideline: I promised myself that I will not involve myself in "Photography service for pay". I don't have the time, and don't have the eagerness to shoot events, weddings and others. I'm a landscape photographer, a traveler. I love shooting the sky, mountains, rivers, sunrise, sunsets... but it seems that opportunity keeps on knocking at my door. I recently covered a friend's civil wedding in Pamapangga. Quite ironic actually. Did learn a few things, and true enough, I had problems submitting the photos for I lack time. Shot one corporate event, the Davao trip and now another wedding end of September. Maybe this is for me. If so, I would want to do these on the sides, not a primary objective, maybe just to fund my GAStos attacks.

I sent my "Batad Wide" photo already. I hope it met the deadline. God willingly, it will be on the cover page. My first feature if ever. Thank you again Lord!

oh, and about GAS... I was waiting for the D90 to come out. And it was launched last August 27. And soon it will be on the shelves of Hidalgo stores. This is what i've been wanting for the longest time... low noise, faster fps, bigger/better LCD, active D-lighting, sensor cleaning... all in a small and light D80 like package. I don't know how I can afford to get one. Maybe thru "sidelines". I dunno...