Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why was I happy this past week...

Mali - Sir John Chua's pet

Have you ever experienced waking up smiling? These past few days I was. And it felt so good.

I'm at my crossroads, actually 2 sets of crossroads. The first one is leading me towards a direction of improvement and gain, the other points to what seems to be a dead end. The change will definitely improve everything. And I have been waiting for this for so long. Finally, a clearer and better future ahead of me. I think I deserve this.

But what's this? The dead end seems opening up. Is it for me, or for them? Is this true or will this just be another promise and another lie? I can't continue if there's no clear direction. I can't wait. Not for nothing. Le me know soon, or else...

The other crossroad... well not really. I know what I want. There's no need to choose, for I already made a decision. I will be with you soon. Can't wait.