Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wanna know?

I passed this marker more than 10 times already during my past trips to Banaue and Sagada. Finally, just this weekend, I was able to set foot on the highest point in the highest highway in the country!!! Yahoo!!!


Great stuff:

-I have a new job, great company, great culture. Process and result oriented.
-I have my own office with a great view of Manila bay!
-I got my first paycheck. Great!
-Great climb at Mt. Tenglawan, enjoy na, we helped kids pa!
-D90 itch... may not be an itch anymore... soon.
-A beautiful, loving, caring and very supportive woman at my side.

Not so's...

-I'm having problems uploading pics here in blogspot. The auto-resize doesn't work anymore.
-I'm in the middle of something... need to work this out.
-Need more sleep time.
-Chismis nanaman? Di na ba kayo magbabago? Say it in front of me, para malaman nyo hinahanap nyo.