Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And it came true. All of them.

Mang Ben is one of the respected elders who lives in Batad. He has a small hut, within his rice paddies, overlooking the village of Batad.  

Mang Ben wore a necklace, where a bunch of long hair strands is attached.  

We were told that it was his wife's hair. 

Such a humbling experience to meet Mang Ben, a nice person with a colorful character


I knew it would. I saw what would happen. But why did I still do it? Because I had to take the risk. I had to conquer my fears. If I did not, it would surely hunt me for the rest of my life. "What if's" can only be answered if actions were taken. And I did. I thank the Lord for giving me the strength and the courage to travel in this long winding road. I am blaming no one. It was my choosing, it was my destiny.

This travel is taking quite a while from what I wanted. I have endured so much. Pain, defeat and agony. Turning around and going back would make the risks I took worthless. So I will continue to travel, hoping that when the end comes, it's a sight to behold. A perfect one, that God has specially chosen for me.